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You: Your Child’s Role Model

You know how studies always say that parents — not the media or Lady Gaga — are the real role models for children? (Like this one out of The University of Montreal.) I always doubted it. Why would my kid want to be just like me? I am imperfect. I am fallible. I am annoying […]

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Running. It’s never been a favorite activity. I have always preferred group fitness classes with music, people, camaraderie, and energy that inspire me to do my best. Running, in my opinion, is monotonous, boring, and hard. And yet this February I embarked on a new running program — something I never thought I would do. […]

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Intense Parenting: Check!

Working mothers sleep less and don’t groom as much as non-working mothers — or so says a recent research — Family Change and Time Allocation in American Families — out of the University of California at Los Angeles. The report was presented at a big conference this past week in Washington D.C. The conference, called […]

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