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History Repeating Itself

My kids, like everyone else in New York, are doing distance learning. The big one is stressing out over four AP tests. She’s in uncharted waters. The little one is working on personal narratives. Her first narrative essay was about how she and her sister pickpocketed my phone in Italy. It’s a long story, but […]

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Facebook Memories and Co-Dependency

Today I logged into Facebook and, as usual, right on top was a Facebook memory. A photo from 2012 captioned, “Gorgeous day on the boat.” It features my husband, my daughter, an old friend and her son. It didn’t make me happy, though. It made me incredibly sad since I am no longer friends with […]

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I’m Not a Hugger

Friends and adult family members will corroborate the above assertion. I’m not a huggy person. I’m not a touchy person. It sort of bothers me. I do hug my kids, though. As much and as often as they will let me. Little Girl makes it easy for me. She is the hugging-est kid I have […]

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