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And Now We’re Home

Patient is resting and watching an American Chopper rerun with his dad. My mom took Big Girl to the store to buy lunch stuff. Little Girl is napping. Me, I am breathing a lot easier. I was a wreck before. This morning, as I was driving in to the city (OMG, I give all you […]

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Thoughts from the Waiting Room

I am sitting here listening to the operative nurse remind us not to use cell phones or eat in here. (They had a “crawlie” issue in here about a month ago. Ewww.) She’s also reading out the names of the families who will be moving into the post-op area. Us, we’ve got a while. My […]

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Parenting and Soul Aches

Preface: We’re home and my little one is sleeping…but I wasn’t always this calm today… I put my little one down for a nap around 2 p.m. Ten minutes later I heard a loud thud come from her room. I knew before I opened the door what had happened. She jumped out of the crib. […]

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