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History Repeating Itself

My kids, like everyone else in New York, are doing distance learning. The big one is stressing out over four AP tests. She’s in uncharted waters. The little one is working on personal narratives. Her first narrative essay was about how she and her sister pickpocketed my phone in Italy. It’s a long story, but […]

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A Whole New World

It’s been more than a year since I last posted. A lot happened. Most significant: My mother died. She had stage 4 lung cancer, but it was sepsis that ultimately killed her — sepsis from a procedure to clear a liver tumor. I was my mom’s primary caretaker and patient advocate for the entire 20-month […]

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There’s No Crying in Yoga

I went to yoga on Sunday. My usual class, which generally puts me in a great mood. I got to the class and got a surprise, though. One of the regulars is suddenly looking hugely pregnant. She was not pregnant the last time I saw her, and she never mentioned it when I was around– […]

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