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Falling in a Hole

Last night I fell in a hole. Literally. Remember when a tree fell down in my backyard? When the hurricane hit? Well, at the time we removed the portions of the tree that had fallen on my neighbor’s house and my fence, but we were unable to get the giant root ball or the bottom […]

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Yes, Kids CAN Be Too Happy

When my kid has issues, I am the first one to admit it: It’s probably my fault. Whether it’s due to genetics (we’ve got anxiety and depression on both family trees) or parenting skills, it’s still my fault or my husband’s. And now a story in The Atlantic Monthly confirms it. The story — How […]

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Note to my readers: This is one of my most popular, most Tweeted, and most commented on posts. I thought I’d re-run it for those of you who didn’t read it, and for those of you who are new to my blog. The original post date was January 14. Over the Christmas holidays we went […]

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