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Crunchy and Green News

December 23

Environmental Health News reports — no more secrets: EPA Announces Plan to Require Disclosure of Secret Pesticide Ingredients KB: Anything that doesn’t kill pests must be reported on label. So you’ll know what –aside from poison — you’re using in your home or yard.

SustainableBusiness.com says no lumps in the stocking this year: No New Coal Plants Started in 2009 KB: And coal use is down, too!

Treehumper has a funny way to get you to remember our oceans’ plight: Toy of the Year: Great Pacific Garbage Patch Kids KB: A reminder that we need to get serious about plastic and recycling — and soon.

More SustainableBusiness.com good medicine: Feds Get Serious About Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water. KB: Fed sets goals about drug returns; lists ones that are okay to flush. Thank goodness, and it’s about time!

December 21, Endangered Edition

The Associated Press reports on a story that should be getting more press. Group threatens lawsuit over 144 species KB: President Obama, I know healthcare is important, but these species need your help!

HuffingtonPost.com has photos of animals we may miss someday. Rocky Mountain Endangered Species: 11 Endangered Plants and Animals KB: And this is just in the Rocky Mountain. Can you imagine what the worldwide list looks like?

MSNBC gives poachers the horn. Race to rescue nearly extinct rhinos KB: Only eight of these beautiful animals left in the world. I hope we can save them.

The Hartford Courant Echos Bat Problems. Bat Deaths: Some Species At Risk Of Becoming Endangered KB: Bats help keep insect problems down, according to my daughter’s first grade class. This could be a big issue for humans.

The Miami Herald details Alaska’s shortsightedness. Alaska to seek limits to Endangered Species Act KB: I’m not surprised. Disappointed, yes. Surprised, no. Here’s hoping the legislators don’t find a PR firm to help them out.

December 20

BBC News thinks this is all wet. India’s Wettest Place ‘Lacks Water KB: Do I even have to say it???

December 1

Cincinnati.com discusses why it’s important to keep kids safe from lead. Lead exposure, Brain Damage Linked KB: I wrote an article for Parents on this a few years ago.

November 30

The National Academy of Sciences of the United States laments a loss. Glacier Loss on Kilimanjaro Continues Unabated KB: “Of the ice cover present in 1912, 85% has disappeared, and 26% of that present in 2000 is now gone.” Wow.

November 28

MSNBC reports on how global warming affects the animals. Much Less Stable Ice for Polar Bears, Expert Says KB: Seems to be a trend…

GreenLivingIdeas wonders if the folks in the U.K. can keep the fires burning. Britannia to Run Out of Wood for Second Time in 500 Years KB: The U.K. has it partially right using energy from biomass. Too bad it can’t last, according to this story.

Clean Techies explains why it’s important for states to score well in the Freeing the Grid report card. Freeing the Grid — Building Local Solar Markets, One State At A Time KB: The better the state is graded, the easier it is for its people to install solar power on houses, buildings, businesses. How does your state rate?

Good looks at what to do with all those unwanted Thanksgiving leftovers. Food: Waste Not, Want Not KB: The story says the average American wastes 1/2 pound of food every day. This spring I am starting a compost pile to lessen my load. (Another great blog: WastedFood.com)

Associated Press (via DailyMe.com) discusses ski resorts v. their government. Ski Resorts Fight Global Warming; Utah Gov Unsure KB: Another case of head-in-the-sand politics.

Treehugger asks about organic farming’s potential to lock up carbon. How Much Carbon Can Organic Farming Sequester? KB: Good question! Someone should be looking into this.

BotanyBuddy discusses making Christmas greener for everyone. Trimming the “Greenest” Tree. What a fabulous story. I have a six-year-old artificial tree, but if and when it goes I will try and go greener with my tree.

November 25

McClatchy Newspapers reports on the new limits. EPA to Limit Sulfur Dioxide for First Time Since 1971 Me: People with asthma and other lung diseases are breathing easier just thinking about it. They — and I — can’t wait until it actually goes into effect.

BBC News looks at the body/environment connection. Climate change policies ‘improve health’ Now all we need to do is convince the naysayers that it’s good for them, too.

Twilight Earth answers a burning question. Meet Peat. The Third Largest Producer of Greenhouse Gases KB: Wow, this shows that it’s going to take a lot of work to change our path.

Grist gives Martha a pulpit. Martha Stewart serves up blistering critique of meat industry in Thanksgiving show KB: So do I. Have you read my Thanksgiving blog post?

November 24

Sierra Club gives us some come-backs. Holiday Survival Guide: How to Win Arguments and Influence People. KB: This is going to be really useful when the in-laws come up for the holidays!

Care2 is on thin ice. Antarctica Melting at a Faster Rate KB: I don’t understand how people can still say global warming is a joke.

UPI looks at India’s solar commitment. India Plans Solar Power Boost. KB: The sun, one of two truly renewable sources. (Wind being the second one, of course.)

Bloomberg.com wants to know if your aches and pains are related to climate change. Harvard Says Kidney Stones, Malaria Are Climate Risks KB: Makes sense. Our bodies are acclimated to today’s world.

The New York Times smells garbage. As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways KB: Our local beach is closed every time it rains too hard. And we’re on Long Island. Something needs to be done.

November 20:

EcoSalon educates: 8 Eco Terms Everyone Should Know: From COP15 to Astro-Turfing. KB: I follow the eco-beat, but I still came away learning something.

San Francisco Gate identifies a hot topic. More debate over San Francisco’s Compost KB: I am using this as inspiration to start composting this spring.

Scientific American goes skyward. Growing Skyscrapers: The Rise of Vertical Farms KB: Coolest. Idea. Ever. And at least you won’t need to worry about using pesticides.

San Jose Mercury News tackles the issue of a football stadium. Santa Clara Commissioners Review Final Report on Environmental Impact of 49ers Stadium Proposal. KB: Wait, you mean building a stadium is bad for the environment? Who would have thought…

The Times (UK) says there are gender differences when it comes to carbon footprints. Women’s Carbon Print is Small, but Climate Change Hits them Harder KB: Again, not exactly a shocker. Just look at my TV size preference versus my husband’s.

November 19:

The Guardian (UK) knows there’s more to life than humans. Biodiversity loss is Earth’s ‘immense and hidden’ tragedy, Darwin’s ‘natural heir’ warns KB: It’s time to stop being selfish, and start looking past our own lives.

Discovery news asks people to butt in. Cigarette Butts Toxic to Fish. KB: I never understood why some smokers think the world is their ashtray. Stop killing fish, people!

Agence France-Presse reminds us to curb kid-making. Tackling Population Rise Would Fight Climate Change. KB: Yes, but how are you going to get buy-in for that?

Grist analyzes Eastern and Western positioning. Subtle but important shifts in global warming positions announced by U.S. & China KB: A little good news, at last.

November 9:

Experience Project is buzzing about this: Haagen-Dazs is giving a dollar per tweet to save honey bees. 3 more days! Me: Want to get involved: Tweet #HelpHoneyBees to get your donation.

Environmental News Network is building interest. New Market Study Finds Green Buildings Continue Impressive Growth. Me: I am very ashamed that I didn’t insist my summer renovations be green.

Treehugger says people are going hungry — for a reason. Climate Justice Fast Begins — Hunger Strike Continues Through End of COP15 Conference. Me: 40 days of no food to demonstrate the cost of our environmental debauchery. I applaud you, protesters.

MSNBC reports on the real price of oil. Cavern Could Collapse, Taking Part of N.M. City. Me: Another case of people taking from the earth without thinking about its affect.

The New York Times discusses the yin and the yang of environmentalism. Balancing Energy Needs and Material Hazards. Me: We’re doomed, aren’t we?

November 6:

Health News reports you don’t need multiple embryos for success. Single Embryo In-Vitro as Successful as Multiple Implantation. Me: Reality producers are terrified! Now there will be fewer people to put on TV.

Data Center Knowledge reports on Facebook’s greening. Facebook Goes Green with New Datacenter. Me: Does that mean it will crash less often?

Financial Times discusses green trade relations between China and the U.S. Green stimulus and the dangers of ‘buy American’

FoodNavigator.com reports big win for organics. USDA Invests in Organics Me: $19 million? That’s it? Carmakers got a heck of a lot more.

OrganicJar.com is dismayed to hear about orange juice “flavor packets.” (A few weeks old, but still a good watch.) The Shocking Truth About Orange Juice. Me: Sigh, I’m not sure I want to hear any more bad news about “good” food.

Environmental News Network (via the LA Times) reminds cows not to eat poop. FDA Urged to Ban Feeding of Chicken Feces to Cattle. Me: Is this something that really needs to be said??? Isn’t this obvious? Holy crap…or is it chicken crap…

Yahoo! Green covers the BPA debate. Is there BPA in your canned food? Me: I read the Consumer Reports story. BPA in all 19 samples. Makes me so sad. Buy fresh to avoid getting contaminated, I guess.

November 5:

Health News wants you to watch the meds you take while knocked up — no joke: Two Common Antibiotics Linked to Birth Defects. Me: Tell your midwife or doctor before you take anything, and check with your pharmacist, too. Sometimes they know more than the doctors.

NaturalNews.com reports more shots without parental consent: Brooklyn girl winds up in hospital after being injected with H1N1 swine flu vaccine without parental permission. Me: I smell a law suit. A BIG one.

Treehugger.com wonders how far people will go to stay eco-friendly. When Given the Chance, Will Consumers Pay More for Green? Me: Don’t look at me. I’m the crazy girl who spent $75 for a Thanksgiving turkey, remember?

EcoSalon worries. What will happen to your crops if your neighbor’s crops are genetically modified? EcoMeme: Gene Flow and GMOs. Me: I have no words. Really.

Medical News Today says vitamins may not do a developing body good. Children’s Asthma Risk Linked To Folic Acid Supplements During Late Pregnancy, Australian Study Me: Exactly why I wouldn’t take prenatals. I took kids’ vitamins instead, and ate more veggies and fruits.

November 4:

Treehugger.com wants to know: Is Etching a Safer Alternative to Stickers for Labeling Produce?
Me: Lasers on fruit? Hmmm. Better than adhesive, right?

The Huffington Post thinks Obama Has More Work to Do. The Obama Administration and Food: Year 1. Me: Loved reading about Mrs. Obama’s organic garden. Leading by example is my favorite way to teach.

GreenBiz.com says there’s more to recycling than bottles and cans. Owens Corning Works to Keep Roof Shingles Out of Landfills. Me: How awesome. I still feel guilty about all the building materials we threw out during our home renovation.

Yahoo! Green exposes a nifty solar program at Dell. Dell Plants Solar Trees in the Parking Lot. Me: That’s a great use of wasted space!

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