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Pets and Responsibility

There were cats in my home before there were children. Two adorable, huge, long-haired boys named Beavis and Kit-ten. They lived long, happy lives before passing away. My cuddly boy was 21. My husband’s cat was 19. He died right before our second daughter was born. We’ve been cat-free now for about eight years. I […]

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The Dog is Driving Me Nuts

We have a dog. She is cute. She’s quirky. (See above photo proof. What kind of dog regularly sleeps on its back?) She’s also really annoying sometimes. Since I’m the one who works from home, I am also the one who is taking her outside during the day. At night, I want to be able […]

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We Got a Dog — How Did This Happen?

Last week my husband started sending me photos and links of adoptable dogs. He has been militantly anti-dog even in the face of…well, two cute faces. My girls have been begging for a dog for years. The little one, who is 3, is especially relentless. “Why can’t I have a doggie? I would love her […]

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