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News for November 19, 2009

The Guardian (UK) knows there’s more to life than humans. Biodiversity loss is Earth’s ‘immense and hidden’ tragedy, Darwin’s ‘natural heir’ warns KB: It’s time to stop being selfish, and start looking past our own lives. Discovery news asks people to butt in. Cigarette Butts Toxic to Fish. KB: I never understood why some smokers […]

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News for November 9, 2009

Experience Project is buzzing about this: Haagen-Dazs is giving a dollar per tweet to save honey bees. 3 more days! Me: Want to get involved: Tweet #HelpHoneyBees to get your donation. Environmental News Network is building interest. New Market Study Finds Green Buildings Continue Impressive Growth. Me: I am very ashamed that I didn’t insist […]

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News for November 6, 2009

Health News reports you don’t need multiple embryos for success. Single Embryo In-Vitro as Successful as Multiple Implantation. Me: Reality producers are terrified! Now there will be fewer people to put on TV. Data Center Knowledge reports on Facebook’s greening. Facebook Goes Green with New Datacenter. Me: Does that mean it will crash less often? […]

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News for November 5, 2009

Health News wants you to watch the meds you take while knocked up — no joke: Two Common Antibiotics Linked to Birth Defects. Me: Tell your midwife or doctor before you take anything, and check with your pharmacist, too. Sometimes they know more than the doctors. NaturalNews.com reports more shots without parental consent: Brooklyn girl […]

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News for November 4, 2009

Treehugger.com wants to know: Is Etching a Safer Alternative to Stickers for Labeling Produce? Me: Lasers on fruit? Hmmm. Better than adhesive, right? The Huffington Post thinks Obama Has More Work to Do. The Obama Administration and Food: Year 1. Me: Loved reading about Mrs. Obama’s organic garden. Leading by example is my favorite way […]

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