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I wasn’t crunchy until I became a parent. Sure, I worked out, I ate right, but once I got pregnant and realized how important my job was — my new job was — I wanted to do everything in my power to do the right thing. Figuring out what’s right, however, isn’t as easy as it seems. Our culture conspires against us. I’ll be using this blog to sort through all the noise and bring a little attention to some subjects that I hold near and dear.

In my day job I am a writer and an editor. You’ve read my work under my byline — Karen J. Bannan — in almost every major consumer publication from The New York Times to Parents to Marie Claire. I also do quite a bit of custom work. You can read more about me and check out some of my work on my Web site: www.karenwriter.com.

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  1. robin says:

    I think this blog is BEYOND clever. As a former editor and current freelance writer myself (and mom of two), I’m especially in love with your posts. Kudos to you! And, if you ever hire freelancers to do some dirty work for you, reach out please!

    Robin Immerman Gruen

  2. Offgrid says:

    Great blog. Thanks for following me on Twitter/Offgrid

  3. Suzanne says:

    I found you via a Fox News story about mobile – I also work with MomsLikeMe.com – might be a good place to promote your blog – I’m a freelance writer with 2 under 5 – I think we might share some parenting experiences 🙂

  4. Shannon D says:

    I absolutely love your blog, its so clever and insightful. I’ve recently set up my own parenting blog and I refer to your blog and the great tips you provide!

  5. Elena says:

    I found you on FaceBook and I am glad I did. I like your posts.

  6. Mare says:

    Hey, I found you via the eCollegeFinder Top 115 Parenting Blogs Awards…congratulations! My blog was one of the winners as well, and I have used that list to find a lot of wonderful, like-minded Moms and bloggers. I especially liked your “Vaccines: Make Your Own Schedule” post, since that is essentially what I’m doing. 😉

    Great to connect with you!

  7. Lisa says:

    I share your mission!!:-) I’ve just seen (and shared) your facebook post on the chicken nugget that was put in the kids lunch to ensure it meets the nutrition standards. I think it pretty much sums up what we are up against (I’m in Australia but we have some equally interesting examples of nutrition misdirection here). Everyone has different opinions on “social responsibility” when it comes to health. It is so hard to decipher what is “real” nowadays in regards to health information that the average person and parent finds them self having to straddle two polar opinions, there is virtually no middle ground any more and it makes it so hard for parents (and anyone really trying to integrate healthy choices into their life. Love your blog, love your mission.

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