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We are in the midst of a whole house makeover. It started with the floors. My wood floors were really bad — in need of sanding, staining, and a new finish coat. We also wanted to put in wood floors in the kitchen, removing old, outdated tile flooring. Taking up the cabinets (the old floors went under them) and reinstalling them after we did that would be almost as expensive as just buying new cabinets, according to the contractor. His suggestion: trashing the old ones and installing pretty new white shaker cabinets. While the idea of new cabinets was appealing, my old cabinets were in good shape and the granite on top was only a few years old. After much soul searching, we decided to donate them to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore location.

The process was simple. I called the store, sent digital photos of what we were donating, and they scheduled a pickup time. The morning that they were expected the contractor carried the cabinets and countertop (along with couches, a whole-room humidifier, and our old kitchen set) out of the house, leaving them in the driveway. Soon after two guys pulled up, loaded everything into a truck, gave me a receipt for my taxes, and drove away.

That was a week or so ago. Today, I logged into Facebook and checked out the ReStore page. The first post was a photo of my cabinets. They were in the wrong configuration, but they were there nonetheless! I have to admit I got really excited. Not only would my cabinets go to someone who could actually use them, but the money they paid would go directly to help build a house for someone in need. And I was able to keep a lot of stuff out of a Dumpster. It was a win, win, win situation all around!

That said, if you’re thinking about redoing your home or are about to get new couches or furniture I hope you’ll consider donating rather than just putting your stuff out to the curb. Every little bit helps!

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