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It was nearly four years ago that I was injured while on vacation. It’s nearly four years ago that my sleep — which was always pretty crappy — became disordered. I would take forever to fall asleep and then, once asleep, I would wake up multiple times every night. Concussions do that to a person. It took some time and accommodation (blackout shades, water near my bed, lip balm, listening to an audio book, sleeping with an eye cover) but eventually I was able to fall asleep again. My kids, watching Mommy’s elaborate sleep dance, have taken on some of my rituals.

Both girls HAVE to have a glass of water in their room. Their glasses are untouched when they wake up but they must have those glasses. Lip balm was next. Now, the little one has taken to falling asleep listening to an audio book.

I’ve said it before but I will say it again. These kids are like industrial strength sponges. You can tell them whatever you want. They are going to behave as you do. They are molding themselves in our images. This can be good (see, Mommy loves broccoli!) and bad (hello, anxiety!). And they catch on to more than we think. You may not think they see your bad habits or hear your complains and negative messages but they do. Oh, they do.

I am not sure how I feel about the audio book thing and my little one. On one hand, wow, I have never seen her fall asleep so quickly! Listening to an audio book is like flipping an off button in her brain, same as it is for me. On the other hand does a child really need an external off switch? I’m not so sure.

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