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Setting Up Playdates

I’m at a crossroads right now when it comes to playdates, especially with my older one. I don’t feel like I should be involved anymore, especially since 12-year-olds don’t call their social interactions “playdates” anymore. They say they are “hanging out” or “getting together.” And yet my oldest wants me to help her out. She wants me to be involved.

On the other hand, my little one is facing a world where 7- and 8-year-olds are texting each other on their iPods and phones (yes, phones!) and making their own plans. Until recently, I didn’t let the little one text and she was missing out on social connections. Yes, the moms are still involved, but the girls are the ones who initiate the plans on their social calendars.

Me? I’m just trying to keep up. Trying to do what’s right for both of them. Do I push the big one to pick up the phone — like I did this week — or just cave and make her plans for her? And what about the little one? How do I help her navigate a social media world while she’s still in single digits? It weighs heavy on my mind sometimes since, as my big girl has wailed at me, she “had to wait until she was 10 to start texting.” Indeed.

I don’t know what the answer is in either case, but I’d love to hear what your experience is. How do you deal with playdates, social media and kids? I’d like to know.

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