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Review: Kid Kanteen

Insulated and it matches our new backpack!

Insulated and it matches our new backpack!

It’s back-to-school day for many of us in the Northeast so I thought I would do a quick review. I received this nifty Kleen Kanteen Kid Kanteen last week. It’s the first time I’ve used a stainless steel water bottle in a few years. We stopped using them because the ones we had weren’t meeting our needs. First, if you added ice to the plain stainless steel bottles there would be so much condensation on the outside that they soaked backpacks. The ice never lasted too long, either, which meant your water was warm in an hour or so. Finally, the stainless steel tops were difficult to open — especially when little hands were involved. We switched to a silicon-covered glass bottle, which I love but isn’t school-friendly, so I was thrilled to get this one in the mail.

The new Kleen Kanteen we got is vacuum-insulated. This means much less condensation. In fact, I didn’t see any this morning as I was packing up lunch, and it held its own on the beach! The bottle also ships with a BPA-free plastic cap, which is easier to open and hopefully won’t leak. (The company says the loop cap is leak-proof.) The nicest part is that the water inside actually stays cold! You can put ice in the bottle and expect it to be there at the end of the school day. It even stays cold after a day on the beach!

I have to see how the paint stands up to my little wrecking ball, but overall I am very happy with our new water bottle. I plan on getting one for my big girl soon. Yes, it costs $22.70 on Amazon, but, considering a regular bottled water is $1.50, we’ll be saving money after 15 uses and doing our part for the environment.

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  1. Reeni says:

    Thanks for the review! I am always looking for great water bottles for my son without all the plastic! I will be switching soon from his “straw” water bottle to a “big boy” water bottle so this is a great find! Thanks again 🙂

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