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Migraines and Nightmares

As I mentioned in my last post, I have both chronic daily migraines and — up until February — bad dreams every single night. What changed in February? I went to a new migraine specialist and he put me on preventative medicine. I was hoping for the vestibular migraines to go away. (They are not gone. They are, however, more manageable.) I was not expecting the nightmares to abate and yet they have.

I went from having one to two nightmares a night that woke me (and everyone else in the house) to having two or three in a six week period. Crazy. Amazing. Wonderful.

I called the doctor, a specialist in vestibular migraines, and asked him if the preventative medicine could be the reason the dreams are gone. His answer: “Anything is possible with migraine.” My theory is the migraines were activating a part of my brain that controls dreams. Now that the migraine pathways are calmed down a bit those connections to the dream circuitry in my brain are severed — or at least muddled a bit.

Migraine is a funny condition. It can cause so many crazy symptoms and bodily reactions. Not just pain, in case you didn’t know. Anyway, if you’re having migraines and also experiencing weird symptoms that doctors can’t identify or diagnose, go to a migraine specialist. If one doesn’t work — for example, I went to the supposedly “best” on Long Island and he didn’t offer me the drug that is giving me some relief — go to someone else. I got my new doctor, Dr. Newman in Manhattan, based on a referral from my vestibular therapist. My old doctor, someone who was very involved with Botox trials, just wanted to give me Botox.

Have you ever had a migraine? What kind of migraine do you suffer with? I’d like to know.

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