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Big Girl had a bunch of kids over a week or two ago. She invited them into her room and announced, “I have a lot of dolls in my room.” I knew she said it because she was afraid that people would make fun of a child of 12 who still played dolls. Her friends either told her they knew or that they didn’t care.

Yes, she still has dolls out and still plays with them, but her room recently got a re-do and many of the accessories went up on tables off the floor. I praised her for cleaning up her room and making it so neat, but I actually felt a little tug on my heart. In doing so, she signaled that her days of playing dolls may soon come to an end. It also made me wonder if that means my little one will play dolls for a shorter period of time. Big Girl and Little Girl always played dolls together. Without a built-in playmate will Little Girl still want to break out her AGs? I’m not so sure.

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