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Picture Day Hair

Yesterday was picture day for Big Girl. Today Little Girl got her turn in front of the camera. Both girls donated their hair recently, so they have what I consider shorter hair. Little Girl had more to give so it’s sort of longish. It hits right below her shoulders. Big Girl’s curly locks bounce up when cut so she’s shoulder-length at best. Either way, I felt clumsy and inept trying to style their hair. Facebook only makes it worse.

So many of my friends post photos of their little girls with perfectly coiffed hairstyles. Fish tail braids. French braids. Long, wavy hair with intricate arrangements on top. Big Girl’s hair was combed with product brushed through. (We use Original Sprout Miracle Detangler and Natural Hair Gel. Click here to get $10 off your first order.) She wore a single, thin headband. She looked cute. This morning Little Girl wanted two braids tied back together and a headband. I felt clumsy trying to make her braids, but I did it. It took a while. She also looked cute, but I know I could have done a way better job with both of them. In the whole scheme of things it doesn’t matter all that much, I guess, and that’s what I have to remember.

Both girls are beautiful no matter how their hair is done. As long as it’s clean and frizz-free, I should be happy. They should be happy. So what if I am clumsy when it comes to hair and all things beauty? It is what it is. Besides, there’s always re-take day, right?

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