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Outgrown Shoes? Donate Them!

So many shoes...

So many shoes…

Looking inside my little one’s closet always surprises me. Where did all those shoes come from? How is it possible she has so many shoes. Then I remember that most of them were handed down from her sister. It makes me feel better, but not completely better. After all, I still bought way too many shoes. Anyway, a few days ago I was pulling all Little Girl’s outgrown shoes out wondering what I was going to do with them. I came back into my office and found an email from Stride Rite. The shoe company this month is running something called “Big Hearts, Little Shoes.”

The company, in conjunction with Little Gym, is collecting gently used shoes for donation to Soles4Souls, an international charity that collects shoes and distributes them to people in need across the world. It’s a lovely charity, and one that I’ve written about in the past. Parents can bring their unwanted shoes to any Little Gym or Stride Rite store and drop them off until the end of this month. Everyone who donates gets a coupon for 20 percent off any same-day purchase of new shoes. However, even if you don’t need new shoes, it’s still a worthwhile donation since you’re helping a child who is probably going without shoes right now. (Many of the donations go to third-world countries where lack of shoes can lead to disease and parasite infection.)

Worn but still have plenty of life.

Worn but still have plenty of life.

So, although we don’t need any more shoes right now I will be taking a ride to a Stride Rite store over the next few weeks to drop off about 10 pair of shoes. I may even go up to the attic and pull down what I’ve saved over the years and cull the stuff that I know my little one just won’t wear.


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