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Ganeydo Is in the House

A long time ago before Little Girl was born there were two imaginary friends who lived in our house, Natro and Jessica. They slept in the dining room and ate dinner at the kitchen table. They disappeared once Big Girl’s sister arrived. I assumed they were a product of age and desire. Recently, however, a new imaginary visitor arrived. His name is Ganeydo. He came from under the bed, explained Little Girl. He is her pretend friend. I was honestly a little taken aback when she told me. This is a kid who has more friends than we can handle and a sister who plays with her all the time. And yet he’s here. Ganeydo is here.

Little Girl says that he arrived when she was four. They were watching a DVD and it was scratched. Big Girl asked who scratched the video. Little Girl said Ganeydo did it. He was their enemy at first, they tell me. But then he became their friend.

Now Ganeydo shows up whenever we find something amiss. Did you <insert misdeed>. No, she tells us. It was Ganeydo. It reminds me of when I was little. My sister and I would drive my mom nuts telling her that we weren’t the ones who spilled the milk. Our imaginary friend was the one who did it. We’d laugh and laugh. I can actually remember one time where our insistence about our “friend” drove my mother over the edge. She left the table in tears.

So far, Ganeydo isn’t all that naughty, and the little one will fess up when questioned. She admits freely that she’s the one who ate the yogurt tube and stuffed its wrapper into the subwoofer, for instance. It’s sort of nice that the girls are bonding over this. One day, I know, Ganeydo will leave the house never to return. And I will be sad to see him go because it will mean a departure into a new stage. I truly love this age and stage. Little Girl is still huggy and smushy and cuddly. She still calls me Mama. She believes everything we tell her and thinks we are awesome. And her sister? That kid is a rockstar in Little Girl’s eyes. So that’s why I’m hoping Ganeydo sticks around. At least for a little while.

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