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The wrapping from just one trip to the dry cleaner.

The wrapping from just one trip to the dry cleaner.

Although I’ve been sort of quiet about it, I am still doing my part to recycle, reuse and reduce. One of the easiest things I do is recycle dry cleaning plastic. My husband works in a job where he has to wear dress shirts four days a week with dress pants, so once every two weeks or so he drops off his shirts and pants. When they come back they are encased in thin plastic to keep them clean — I assume — from the dry cleaner to our house.

Before they go into our closet I strip off the plastic and put it into our plastic recycling. This plastic goes in with the juice box and toilet paper wrapping, bubble wrap and plastic grocery bags that find their way into our house even though I use reusable grocery bags. Once a month I go and drop everything off at one of the plastic bag recycling stations you can find at a supermarket or home improvement store. Other plastic wrap items that get recycled include bread bags, Ziplocks and produce bags such as the bags that potatoes and oranges come in.

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do since there are literally dozens of drop off points in every neighborhood. You can learn more about what you can recycle — and find a location near you — by checking out this site, which is co-sponsored by the American Chemical Council. (Go figure!)

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