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She’s Got Her Own Style

We’ve been laying out Big Girl’s clothing at night lately to try and cut down on angst in the a.m. Tonight, as I was laying out her new sweatpants (tomorrow is gym) and sneakers, I asked her what top she wanted to wear. I pulled out two matches and casually asked, “What do the other girls wear?” My daughter said something that made me really proud. “Oh, Mommy, I don’t dress like the other girls. I have my own style.” She blew me away.

I am usually hover between slightly and moderately worried about what I wear. I favor cotton and utility. I’m a jeans and sneakers kinda gal. When I dress up I have been told more than once that my clothing is “so different” and “unique.” I don’t even own a single pair of nice high heels (damn bunions), and I don’t wear eye makeup because I end up with a sty in my left eye unless I wash every bit of it off. Sure, I’d like to blend in and look like everyone else, but I just can’t do it for one reason or the other. It bothers me, of course.

This weekend, for instance, I dressed for the weather in a long-sleeved sweater to go out to dinner with a group of friends. When we got there my heart sank when I saw that nearly everyone we met out had on pretty, flowing tops or sparkling light knit pieces. I’ll be honest; I felt a little out of place. Let me be clear: Everyone was happy to see me and no one made me feel out of place. It was all in my head, and thankfully the feeling passed quickly, but it was there nonetheless. And yet my tween kid has no problem wearing what she likes and what’s comfortable instead of what’s trendy and cool. Amazing. I must be doing something right — at least this week.

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