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My new glass Pyrex peculator makes great coffee.

My new glass Pyrex percolator makes great coffee.

I love a nice cup of coffee. As someone who tries to avoid BPA and chemicals in my food and drink as often as possible, however, it takes me a little longer to make coffee these days. You see, I gave up my mostly plastic coffeemaker a few years ago. Today, I use an all-glass and stainless French press. (Blogged about it here.) As wonderful as it is, it’s a little time-consuming to use. It’s hard to use a single-serve press when I have company. It takes forever (or about an hour or so) to make ten cups of coffee one after the other. Besides, people like my sister often complain their French pressed coffee isn’t hot enough, so this spring I started looking for an alternative. I found my solution quite accidentally.

I was looking through online garage sale posts when I came across a woman selling a Pyrex percolator. Hey, what was this? An all-glass coffee pot I could use on the stove? Wow, why didn’t I think of that sooner? I can vividly remember playing with the metal pieces to my mother’s Pyrex coffee pot when I was a child. But I digress. The woman who had listed the percolator was asking $35. I Googled it to see how much they actually go for. Unfortunately, I found out that her model was recalled in the 1970s. Something about the glue on the handle drying up and falling off, causing scalding burns. Given my weird injury background, I would be the one that happened to, so I nixed that option. However, I was thrilled to find out that there are plenty of other Pyrex and Corningware percolators out there that weren’t recalled. And instantly, I was on the hunt.

Doesn’t take all that much hunting, actually, to find one. On eBay alone there were about 400+ all glass percolators just waiting to be bid on. I was lucky to grab a Buy It Now for about $30 including the shipping. I picked up a vintage heat spreader (you shouldn’t put glass pots directly on electric stoves) for another $10. I’m not even sure I actually needed one since I have a cook top — not metal coils — but I wanted to be safe.

Once everything came in the mail, I watched a few YouTube videos to learn how to use my new-to-me coffee pot. (Yes, there are people who make 12+ minute videos of themselves making coffee. I fast-forwarded a lot.) Now, I’ve got a percolator that makes ridiculously good coffee that can be served in the same carafe.

My husband thinks the whole thing is funny, but — as I have said before — what I am doing may seem funny but it always seems to catch on. That said, is there a Pyrex coffee pot in your future? Could you give up your Keureg for a manual process? Does the fact that you’re pouring boiling hot water into a tiny pod of plastic even worry you? I’d like to know.

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