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A December to Remember

Another year over. One that saw my baby go off to kindergarten and those last five pounds I’ve always tried to get rid of have finally left my belly due to food poisoning. (In retrospect, I’d rather have the five pounds. Hell, I’d take ten if I could eat dairy again.)

It was a year I grew professionally and personally. For the first time since I started freelancing I took large chunks of vacation over the summer. You know what? It didn’t hurt me or my business, which reinforces the message that it’s okay to take risks. My husband started a new job in January and turned 40 in August. How did that happen? I still remember meeting him the summer he graduated high school. My big girl turned 10! After a rocky summer, she started thriving at school, making a great group of friends and enjoying all her extracurricular activities such as band and chorus. Speaking of music: I got to see one of my favorite musicians in a teeny, tiny venue. (Billy Joel at the Paramount.) And with great friends, too!

But 2013 was a year of suffering for so many friends and relatives. We lost my aunt and my cousin within the span of only five months. Made me wonder if my aunt thought she could take better care of her daughter than anyone here on earth. (Also made me renew my hatred of flu vaccines since that’s what killed my cousin. Yes, it’s rare, but yes it can happen.) Cancer hit so many people — for the first time and relapsing. While it’s nothing compared to what others have been through, I broke my finger slamming it in my front door. (Reminded me of this post.) The feeling still hasn’t returned. Overall, it was a weird, funky year. Not exactly my best, but not my worst, either.

So, as we head into 2014, I wish all of my readers a year with fewer lows and lots of highs. Happy New Year!

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