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What’s with the Heat?

It is HOT in New York. Notice my use of capitals. I was SCREAMING. It is HOT. Not, “whew, I could use an iced coffee to cool off.” No, more like, “please dump a truckload of ice on my body.” It’s that hot. I do not do well in heat. I hate it, actually.

I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s hot, though. Last month, there were 3,215 daily high temperature records set here in the States. That’s a little weird for June. We also had wildfires, and two-thirds of the U.S. is still classified as having drought conditions. It sucks out there.

It may get cooler soon, though, since I think Hell may be freezing over. My mother, the ardent skeptic of all things environmental, natural, and eco-minded, actually said that it was hot because of global warming. Then she said “they” had to stop polluting our environment and doing whatever they wanted. I was rendered speechless. And then I realized that maybe there’s hope for this world yet. If my mother finally believes, I’ll bet other average folks will, too, and we’ll start making the changes as a society that we need to make.

For instance, we’ll look for ways to curb greenhouse gases. We’ll start walking and biking more, and give up driving whenever possible. We’ll raise the thermostat in our homes when it’s hot out and lower it when it’s cold out. We’ll buy local produce and eat less meat. We’ll recycle. We’ll use less stuff overall so less stuff ends up in landfills. We’ll plant trees and stop cutting down existing ones. We’ll stop using throw-away items such as disposable forks, coffee cups, and plastic bags. We’ll buy things based on what we need instead of what we want. The list goes on and on…

In the meantime…did I mention it was HOT?

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