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My Big Girl was chosen to participate in an invitation-only swim relay. She is over the moon. And tonight, as I watched her practice all her strokes it hit me how many things my kids can do that I can’t. It makes me proud, and it also inspires awe. How did we grow these strong, independent kids? How far can they go? How far will they go? And so, because I am truly amazed at their development, I will make a list of things that one or both kids can do that I can’t.

  • Swim all four strokes (back, breast, butterfly, and freestyle)
  • Speak Spanish (very haltingly, but still…)
  • Play the piano
  • Read music
  • Play soccer well
  • Be the kid that everyone wants to play with
  • Love everyone unconditionally
  • Sing (in a way that doesn’t make people cover their ears)
  • Go on upside down roller coasters
  • Dive off the diving board
  • Write in legible cursive (mine looks like pigeon scratch — too many years typing instead of penning)
  • Relax every day

I think it’s time to start learning from my kids, quite honestly. Sure, there are some things I will never be able to achieve. The singing thing, as an example. But learning Spanish? I did get an 86 on my Spanish regents exam. Why couldn’t I re-learn Spanish? Maybe one of these days I will…

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