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The Dog is Driving Me Nuts

My favorite sleeping position, says Savannah.

We have a dog. She is cute. She’s quirky. (See above photo proof. What kind of dog regularly sleeps on its back?) She’s also really annoying sometimes.

Since I’m the one who works from home, I am also the one who is taking her outside during the day. At night, I want to be able to lie down and relax on the couch. I want to read my book or watch my show without having anything pulling on my arm. That’s probably why my kids are in bed by 8 p.m. This dog, however, doesn’t care what I want. She wants to play.

Every night as soon as I sit down she starts jumping on me and barking. If I ignore her she starts mouthing my hand, wrist, or whatever body part she can access. She also charges the couch, barking and jumping — literally — into the air. We can’t use the crate as a punishment, so I am stuck trying to push her down, telling her “off,” and trying to calm her down so I can pet her. (I am usually too tired to throw the ball so I try and placate her with some nice pats on the head.) It does not go well. After her tenth launch into my space, I get frustrated and end up yelling. Soon after my husband — usually sitting in his office — yells back to inquire about what’s going on and why I am being mean to the dog. Sigh.

I know she’s a puppy, which is why I am currently researching trainers so we can get this dog to calm down and sit. I’d be happy to pet her. I’d just prefer to keep her slobbery mouth and teeth off my skin.

Have a dog? If so, how did you get him or her to calm down and relax? I don’t remember our old dog being so jumpy and crazy…

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  1. susandelg says:

    Ha ha! I can sympathize! Dervish is my first puppy, and it’s a wild ride to try to deal with all his baby behaviors. I try to remember at every step that he’s just a baby, but it’s not always easy. 🙂 He fortunately enjoys spending time outside alone, and runs from end to end of the yard playing his own made up games, which make me giggle. (He once spent hours with a plastic pot, tossing it up in the air and chasing after it when it came down. And when he was done, he assumed a similar pose to your pup, with his legs up in the air, belly exposed. I wonder if they’re related?) I’ve had to accept the fact that I won’t have cucumbers from the yard his year, as he’s dug up the seedlings both time I planted them. It’s a small price to pay, though, for a happy and tired pup. When Dervish has had his rabies shot, we must have a puppy play date and let them run wild together.

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