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Bellies are for tickling...

How do you review a child’s book? It’s not like you can critique its dialog or plotline. No, for me the best measure of a children’s book is how hard and how long my little one laughs.

Sandra Boynton knows how to make kids laugh. Her latest book, Tickle Time!, is a perfect example. Little Girl started giggling as soon as I read her the title off “the title page.” (Her Montessori school, apparently, taught her what a title page is. That’s my girl, and yes, I digress.) When I read the first line (Gitch-gitchy goo) she started belly-laughing. In fact, we laughed through the entire 22-page book. Her favorite part, she says, is the little bird who, about a third of the way through, says, “Goo bop. Gitchy-goo bop.”

Yes, it’s silly, but it’s also got a strong rhyme throughout, and actually got my 3-year-old to come up with her own rhymes. She liked it so much that she’s bringing it to preschool today hoping the teacher will read it.

The book, which is based on a song from Boynton’s Rhinoceros Tap CD, is targeted at the toddler set, but I have a feeling my 8-year-old is going to like listening to it as well. After all, who doesn’t need a good laugh once in a while?


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