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They look weird, but actually work!

Pros: They keep shoulder pain to a minimum; made of hypoallergenic silicon;they don’t slip.

Cons: Expensive; could show through very sheer or thin fabric.

I wear a completely weird bra size — 32DD. Small around the ribcage, not-so-small elsewhere. It is very, very difficult for me to buy a bra. I used to wear a wonderful Olga Truly Timeless bra that has been discontinued. I loved them because they were made of polyester so they did not stretch and had an underwire, both of which provided excellent support. I also loved them for their comfort straps. They did not dig into my shoulders. (I am almost getting teared up just thinking about them. Sniff.)

There aren’t any bras like this out there today. The bras I have tried are either made of a Spandex blend meaning they stretch out within a few months — and at $68 or $75 a pop, that’s unacceptable to me — or they have thin straps that DIG into my shoulders causing all sorts of neck and shoulder pain. I even went so far as to buy a 34DD and try and get it altered. It worked, sort of, but the seam that was sewn into both sides tends to dig into my ribs.

Recently, I was shopping at Nordstrom begging for something like my old Olga bra when the salesperson suggested that I give their Comfy Straps a try. Desperate, I ponied up $12.50 for a single pair. I took them home and tried them out. They are fairly simply to use. I slid my smaller strap into the Comfy Strap and adjusted it so it sat in the middle of my shoulder. I could feel a difference immediately. The strap, which had been digging in, became a non-issue. In addition, I had less of an indentation in my actual skin. They worked!

I wore them for an entire day — about 17 hours — and at the end of the day my shoulders did feel a little uncomfortable, but nothing like they had when I tried wearing the same bra without the Comfy Straps. No, they don’t completely replace my beloved Olga comfort strap bra, and they aren’t as nice as the comfort straps I’ve seen on Playtex bras (WHY doesn’t Playtex make anything smaller than a 36?) but they are a fine addition to my lingerie drawer.

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