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My new favorite add-in.

Pros: Delicious comes to mind! High in fiber and iron; provides 44% of the recommended daily intake of ALA Omega 3.

Cons: High in calories (like most granola); has 8 grams of sugar — the top of the range that the Environmental Working Group considers to be healthy.

Whenever I go to Red Mango I make sure my yogurt gets a dollop of what they call pumpkin and flax seed granola. It’s yummy and very filling. I’ve always said that I wished I could find it somewhere. I think I finally have.

I was walking down the cereal aisle at Trader Joe’s when I spied the box: Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola. Whoa. What were the chances that this would look and read the same but taste different than my favorite Red Mango add-in? (Ingredients listed as rolled oats, evaporated cane juice, soil oil, brown rice flour, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, oat syrup solids, sea salt, molasses, and cinnamon.) I had to find out, so I bought it, intending to sprinkle it on my Trader Joe’s organic Greek Style yogurt. Even as I put it into my cart I consciously willed myself not to eat it in a bowl for breakfast since its calorie count is pretty high — 260 calories for a 3/4 cup serving — not including milk! A quarter cup in my yogurt, however, would provide crunch and taste and texture — all for about 87 calories. Totally reasonable.

I went home and, before I even put a single grocery away, tore open the box and my yogurt. Measuring spoon in hand, I made my snack. Oh. My. GOSH. SO good. It tasted JUST like a Red Mango parfait, but the cost was about a quarter of what I pay at the yogurt store!

Since that fateful day I have made yogurt and Pumpkin Flax Granola part of my daily routine. It is very filling and — combined with the yogurt — provides 14 grams of protein and 15 percent and 7 percent of my daily allowance of calcium and iron, respectively. It also takes me through the afternoon, getting me over the 4 p.m. slump that previously required a few chocolate chips. Plus, I love that I am getting Omega 3s. Again, I wouldn’t eat this out of the box or as a bowl of cereal, but in moderation it makes me very happy. It’s the little things, right?

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