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My two bowls of soup -- so awesome!

There’s a diner close by that makes THE best lentil soup. I love lentil soup. I could eat it every day. About a week ago I asked the owner if they did take-out in larger quantities. I wanted at least a quart so I could freeze small portions for later use. Yes, she said, showing me a plastic take-out container. Ugh. Plastic. Ugh. Hot soup poured into plastic. No, that wasn’t something I wanted to do. I had an idea, though. I then asked if she would let me bring my Corelle bowls instead. She said yes, so today I drove over and presented the woman at the counter with two of my Corelle bowls. She filled them to the rim, charging me $3.95 per bowl, throwing in a beautiful loaf of challah bread, too.

Each bowl separated nicely into four 3/4 cup servings. I used my Anchor Hocking glass containers since I know they can be microwaved. Did I feel a little silly walking into a diner with glass bowls? Well, yes, I did. But the fact that I avoided BPA and chemicals more than made up for my feeling of slight discomfort. No one laughed. Everyone was really nice, and I gave the waitress a tip for taking the few extra minutes to work with my equipment.

And so, as we head into picnic and cookout season, I would love to take the opportunity to suggest the idea of BYOD — Bring Your Own Dishes. It’s economical, since you’re saving money on throw-away containers. It’s eco-friendly because you’re keeping waste out of landfills AND keeping BPA out of your bloodstream. And it’s just more convenient. Know how take-out containers usually leak and drip? Well, my Corelle bowls, with their tight sealed covers, didn’t leak or drip or crack open from the heat. From diner to dinner table my soup was secure.

Have you ever brought your own take-out containers to a restaurant? Would you? I’d like to know!

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