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Sandy has created a lot of headaches. There are so many people living in trailers or RVs down by me. There are so many people living with family members. These people and even people like me who are less effected are also dealing with depression, fear, anger, and pain among other things. I wonder if everyone realizes that these feelings aren’t limited to adults, and that kids are noticing far more than they might let on?

Our house is okay aside from some missing Sheetrock and insulation in the garage and the fact that the entire crawlspace is devoid of insulation. (Sounds bad, but it’s nothing compared to what’s going on even next door to me.) As a result our first floor is cold and drafty. We complain lightly about it, but no one is crying or bemoaning the issue. However, it’s making an impact on my kids. Today Little Girl was in a group of kids. An adult was asking everyone what they wanted for the holidays. Some kids said dolls. Others said video games. When it was Little Girl’s turn this is what she said: “I wish we had a basement so our house wouldn’t have been flooded.”

This floors me because the water never came into our living area. And yet that little girl has been affected so much that she made that kind of wish. Meanwhile, before the storm she would have wished for Stompeez or a CuddleUppet. I felt proud and sad when I heard what she said. Proud that this kid cares about her family so much, but sad for Little Girl and all the thousands of other kids who are living through much worse.

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