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Getting Away to Recharge

It seems impossible, but my husband and I have only been away overnight once since Big Girl was born eight years ago. We’ve never been away from Little Girl. Oh, sure, hubby has gone away for a night or two, and I’ve been away overnight to a conference, but we’ve never gone away together.

My husband cares about getting away more than I do. In fact, he has been begging for me to find someone to watch the kids so we can get away. It’s not easy, though. Little Girl is not only little, but also more than a handful, and Big Girl has a lot of events and activities. Finding someone wouldn’t be easy. However, at his insistence I finally asked my mother and his parents to help us out. We’d take a brief, three-night trip to Disney with two out of three of our favorite couples (one of our friends is running the Goofy Challenge) and have a little alone time, too.

We left yesterday — Friday — and since I am away I can’t really go on too much about what it was like to leave the kids (horrible, gut-wrenching, sad, scary), I will say that once we got here it was fairly amazing not having to cut anyone’s food, stop any fights, or make sure hands and faces were washed. We were able to sit and talk to each other. We were able to relax.

For me, the biggest thing was being able to see that although my husband and I parent together really well, we’ve still got plenty in common aside from the kids. We still connect on other levels. We’re still friends.

I don’t see this happening again for a while. I think our parents are overwhelmed with the task of caring for two young children, and my siblings have their own stuff (kids, pets, health issues) to worry about. Even so, I’m looking forward to the day where we can do this again. In the meantime, I’ve only got another 48 hours in Disney. I’d better get back to my vacation!

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