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Facebook Helping with Reuse

I belong to a new mothers’ group on Facebook. It was launched by a few local moms, and has been a great resource when it comes to recommendations — doctors, great restaurants, fun places to take the kids. Everything except dance studios. Those discussions made for some crazy threads! Anyway, about a week or so ago someone created a subgroup dedicated to resale. It’s been an overwhelming success.

The group works like this: Moms in my community join the group and post photos, prices and descriptions of things they want to get rid of. If someone is interested in an item they call first dibs by commenting on the photo. The moms are keeping it safe, too. Once a sale is finalized, addresses or phone numbers are exchanged via private message. When the sale is complete and money has changed hands, the sellers remove their photos and descriptions to keep clutter to a minimum.

I joined, of course. It’s fun to look at what people are selling. I was especially impressed with the woman who sold what looked like a dozen or so high end purses. (And I used her posts as an opportunity to remind my husband how awesome it is that I don’t buy purses more than once a year!)

It makes me feel really good to see how technology is being used to help people recycle. People are listing furniture, clothing, baby stuff, toys, games, and anything else you could imagine. It’s working pretty well, actually. That said, do you have stuff that you’d like to sell? It might be worth doing a Facebook search for your own local selling group. And if you can’t find one? Start one yourself. After all, your trash may be someone else’s treasure.

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