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Little Girl, mind of her own Little Girl, has decreed that she wants a small birthday party. She does not want to invite her entire preschool class, she says, even though it’s something I offered to her and something I always did in the past. No, she wants specific people. Her best bud S. N., who is my good friend’s son. A. who is my other good friend’s son. (“Even though he only likes to play with the big kids, Mama.”) A little boy from school named J., who she played with at the beach this weekend. Three little girls from her school. W., who we know from Gymboree, and his sister, J. It’s a mish-mash of kids, and I’m inclined to go with it.

Why should I invite people she doesn’t play with? Certainly not for the presents! (Only one more year until I can introduce the concept of donating a birthday party to charity!) No, there really isn’t a reason to invite people we will probably never see again after June 2013, so although I am questioning the decision, I guess I’m doing it. I am having a small birthday party and inviting only those children who Little Girl has deemed her “real friends.” The people she “loves SOOOOO much.” A novel idea to be sure, but a good one, I think.

Which is why today I am sitting here waiting to hear back from a soccer program that also throws birthday parties. A place that couldn’t have accommodated us if I invited the entire class since they limit guests to around a dozen or so — give or take a few.

What a change from Big Girl’s past events, which tended to hit 25 to 30 guests. In fact, before Big Girl graduated preschool I was throwing two parties — one for Gymboree pals and friends and one for preschool, both of which were attended by 20+ people.

The strange thing about this juxtaposition? Little Girl is my social butterfly. She’s the kid who all the other kids want to play with. She’s friendly and funny. Big Girl, on the other hand, is my wallflower, getting close to a few select folks. Thinking back on those crazy spectacle parties, I guess I was always overcompensating. Hoping that throwing a big party would encourage her to open her social circle. But I digress…

Little Girl is counting the days to her birthday. She is so excited. So am I. Still, I still wonder if I am doing the right thing letting a going-on-4-year-old set her own guest list, but I figure in this case the little child really should lead.

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  1. Laura S says:

    I actually think what you are doing with little girl is the more normal thing. Two parties with 20 kids seems more foreign to me. So I don’t think you should worry. Sounds good to me.

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