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Tired of Being Different

I’m tired today.

Tired of being the one who had to tell a group of parents not to bring snacks with food dyes or high fructose corn syrup to our meetings. I just couldn’t deal with the fallout of those two ingredients, which made the group bounce off the walls. I’m fairly sure those who didn’t think I was nuts before have placed me into the “nuts” category.

Tired of telling my mother to stop buying my kids crap. Her latest: buying Little Girl a McDonald’s strawberry sundae, which resulted in said little girl begging to go into her crib because she “feels sick, Mama.”

Tired of having to read labels. Shouldn’t the government take some role in protecting its citizens like the European Union has done?

Tired of the apathy. I peeked into my kid’s school lunchroom last week. The most prominent items on the lunch line were Doritos and other bags of chips and ice cream. That day the kids got pizza, sliced peaches in heavy syrup, juice, and chocolate milk. Well, I guess they had the choice of plain milk, too, but most kids had chocolate on their Styrofoam trays. (Don’t even get me STARTED on the Styrofoam!) What a crappy meal.

Tired of hearing about Big Agriculture trying to make it illegal for people to take photos inside of farms or processing plants. (Great video by Perez Hilton via Eccorazzi about the topic, BTW.) If this goes through I wonder who is going to be looking out for the bulk of Americans who buy meat at supermarkets and warehouse clubs. I wonder how many atrocities will happen behind those closed doors?

Tired of watching parents feed their babies crap. Hot dogs with nitrates. Lollipops with food dyes. Yogurt with preservatives, food dyes, and high fructose. Babies that have bleeding, cracking eczema. I have learned my lesson and I keep my mouth shut, but my heart aches for those kids, especially since many studies have shown a direct link between diet and eczema. In fact, researchers think specific foods can cause flare-ups in about one third of eczema patients, according to a recent study.

Mostly, I’m just tired of people assuming — because I am tired of all of the above — that I am judging them for their choices. I’m not. I am a live and let live kind of person.

This post is how I am participating in Real Food Wednesdays and Fight Back Fridays, two great blog carnivals to help people start eating better!

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  1. I hear ya!
    I’ve been there, actually I am still there…The only difference is that I pulled my kids out of public school and homeschool them instead. It made it a lot easier.

    It so much junk everywhere, we have struggles with family trying to give our kids junk. Or giving us funny looks or stupid comments when we don’t let our kids eat the food they eat. Never mind that they are complaining about aches and pains and their kids have allergies and so on..It is hard to see when we know that if they changed their food habits they would feel better..They think we are weird and different…

    I wish that they would not allow all these chemicals for children..

    You’re not alone in how you feel and what you deal with..We have people running out to the stores buying junk when the visit us since we don’t have the junk at home. We had a BBQ for the whole family and we compromised and added natural soda and other stuff like that, but still people went to the gas station and bought doritos and cokes and stuff..They were by no means deprived at our place, but we had natural options and it wasn’t good enough..

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