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“Ummm, Mama, there’s water all over the floor in the bathroom. I flushed and flushed and FLUSHED, but it wouldn’t go down.”

“My sister is stacking chairs to try and steal blanka off your dresser.”

“She has something in her hands and she won’t show me what it is.”

THUNK. “Awww, are you okay? MOM!!!”

CRASH. “Mama, I was tryin’ to get this open and it just fell.”

My weekend with the kids. Or should I say my weekend with Little Girl. That child could make a nun swear. (And then tell said nun that she needs pepper put into her mouth.)

Here’s the cheat sheet to the above exclamations, in order of appearance:

  1. Yes, she flooded my bathroom. It was a good excuse to clean it.
  2. I was in my bathroom with the door open. She was five feet away. My take-away: She’s really sneaky, and has amazing problem-solving skills. She was sad that I caught her! She got a time out for her sneakiness.
  3. It was a jawbreaker candy from her sister’s room. We pried it out of her grubby little hand. She got another time out for that one.
  4. She fell off her sister’s bed. (And I am not sure that her sister didn’t help her along.) Yes, she was okay.
  5. She broke a small glass while trying to rip open a bag of crackers. I was standing two feet away. I cleaned it up and, since it held orange juice, had an excuse to clean the kitchen floor, too.

And to answer your final question: Yes, I watch my children. All the time, actually. That little one is just really, really fast. Really fast.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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