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Storm’s Over

What's left of my shady tree.

Hurricane Irene hit us this weekend. It was not fun. Actually, it really, really sucked. We’re all safe, but my yard is a mess. One of my favorite shady trees, which was healthy I might add, was just blown over. The wind just pushed it down like it was a thin reed.

The storm itself was harrowing. So much noise! So much wind. My husband threw his back out so it was all me. I was the one lying on the floor in the hallway so Little Girl wouldn’t be scared in her temporary downstairs sleeping quarters. (My house is surrounded by 50-foot trees. There was no way I was letting them sleep on the second floor.) I was also the one who discovered the big tree fell on my neighbor’s house. What a scary feeling. Were they alright? (Yes.) Was their home damaged? (Yes!)

Anyway, the storm is one of the reasons I’ve been quiet lately. There’s more, of course, but I am not ready to write about it. Any of it, and there’s a lot to tell. Maybe later in the week. Right now, I am off to bed. After getting about five hours sleep between Saturday and Monday I need a good night’s sleep.

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