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Reward: Lost Camera

We had Little Girl’s birthday party this weekend. At some point, our camera got lost. We believe it took a long, one-way ride on the top of my SUV. (Hubby, buckling her into the carseat, placed it there and forgot to pick it back up. We think.)

It was a rough afternoon for us. We actually cried thinking about all the memories we lost. The last time I downloaded the card was November 9, 2010, so we lost Christmas, Disney, my mom’s birthday, Little Girl’s school fashion show, Easter, a dance recital, impromptu cute moments — the list goes on and on. And not just photos, but video, too.

We went through all the motions to find it. I called all three police precincts between here and the place we had the party. I called the party place. We made reward signs, posting them on 17 different poles between our house and the place. We posted on Craigslist and AOL’s Patch. I tweeted. I put it on Facebook. I even looked at IFoundYourCamera.net, where people upload photos in the hopes of reuniting lost cameras with their owners. So far, nothing. Not a call. Not an email.

For me, the videos are what hurt the most. As the girls get older I find myself missing the way Little Girl used to say something or thinking about how adorable Big Girl was when she opened her American Girl doll on Christmas morning. It used to be that I could pull up the video. Now, it’s gone forever.

Yes, we know we were stupid times a zillion. Who doesn’t have their name in their camera bag or on their camera (you do, don’t you?). Who doesn’t immediately download new photos and make backups? Who leaves their camera on top of their car? Still, even stupid people are allowed to be sad, right? We’ll be buying a new camera soon. I can promise you that it will have our name and phone number along with a great big REWARD sign on every surface. I can also promise that card will be downloaded daily. How about you?

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