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How easy would it be if Little Girl wanted to be a flower? Oh, well, another costume to add to the swap, right?

For a little kid, Little Girl has a big memory. She’s been talking about Halloween since July. “I wanna be ‘arina,” she told me. (Translation: She wanted to dress up like the Marina character on Fresh Beat Band.) “And Daddy will be Shout and you can be Kiki.” Hmmm. Okay, so right away I started looking for a Marina costume. There aren’t any! What’s the deal, Nick Jr.?!?

After much discussion with the craftiest people I know (my friend Shari and my sister Kim), I had a plan. I would make a Marina costume. But then I took Big Girl shoe shopping at Marshall’s. We spotted the rack of costumes the moment we got in the door. The girls wanted to take a look, so we walked back. There, in the middle of the princesses and Red Riding Hood dresses, was a cute little monkey costume. Little Girl shrieked, “I wanna be a monkey!” What about Marina, I asked? No, she insisted, now she wanted to be a monkey. I looked at the price tag. $34.99. And it was a size 3T. We’d get one wear out of it. Nope, we were not getting that monkey costume. This weekend, Little Girl decided she wants to be Abby Cadabby. I just threw my hands up in the air and told her we’d get something as Halloween got closer.

Since I really don’t want to add yet another costume to my already full costume box, I’ve decided to try and participate in National Costume Swap Day, which will take place on Saturday, October 8. Here’s what it is, in a nutshell: Everyone who brings a new or gently-used costume to a local event gets to leave with a new-to-them costume. There are plenty of benefits: since you aren’t buying a new costume, there’s less waste to go into landfills, there’s huge cost savings, and everyone gets to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

As of today there are no costume swaps on Long Island. I’m about to change that. I am waiting for confirmation on a location but…OMG, I can’t believe I am trying to do this…I am going to host a swap in my town. More details to come.

In the meantime, if you haven’t purchased your own costume you may want to check out the ever-growing list of swaps. Maybe there’s one in your area? Since there are some pretty big sponsors behind it — Green Halloween, Swap.com and Kiwi Magazine — it’s sure to build as we get closer to the event date.


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  1. Lynn says:

    I’m sure you’re going to come up with the PERFECT costume for her! And a great location. Can’t wait to hear the end of this year’s story.

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