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My Girls Today

Two stories to write before I go to bed, but I wanted to blog about my girls. What I am truly loving about them right now. We’ve spent a lot of quality time together lately and I am blown away at how cute and sweet they are.

Big Girl:

How she laughs with her whole body. Not just with her face, but with her shoulders and arms and eyes and belly. It’s like the sun is shining out of every pore.

How she’s my little sponge. Tonight we got a lesson on Martin Luther King Jr.–who he married, why he is important, how he made history. I was impressed to say the least. She just sucks up knowledge and stores it in her brain.

How she’s getting braver. We were on public transportation sitting next to another family with a girl about my Big Girl’s age. Fearlessly, Big Girl leaned over and said, “Hi, where are you from?” The girl didn’t speak English, but still. She’ll be talking to strangers like I do in no time!

How she appreciates the moment. “Mommy, today was in my top ten of all days.” How amazing is that? And how I wish I could be just like her.

Little Girl:

Her funny mannerisms: slip-slop for flip-flop, saying things like, Hey, guys, it’s alllll right.” And how she jokes around so much. Wiping my kiss away with a laugh, playing pranks, getting humor. Speaking of humor…

The fact that poop is so funny. She’s still changing songs to include the word poop, but now she’s pretending to spell different things P O O P. So hysterical.

How she loves Big Girl with all her heart. “That’s my sister. She’s my BEST FRIEND.” And she shows it, too, asking for her during the day, and hugging and comforting her whether Big Girl is coming off the bus or has bumped her head and is crying. Little Girl is always there for her.

How she is also a little sponge. Today we did our learning — name, phone number, birthday, address, age. I started asking opposites and she knew them all! (Except dark. She thought the opposite of dark was sleep. Not such a leap, but still…)

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