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It Was the Bagels

A few weeks ago I wrote a post bemoaning a six pound weight gain. Should I diet? Shouldn’t I? Turns out that my answer was as close as my local bagel store: I didn’t have to diet at all. I just needed to lay off the bagels. Bagels, you might say. Who cares about bagels? I do.

The reason is pretty simple. They are amazing. (Please note: This is one of the few times I am going to cite New York’s superiority to the rest of the country — no, the rest of the world.) Bagels here on Long Island, along with those from the five boroughs, are the best you can get. Chewy, flavorful, and huge. There is simply nothing as yummy or delicious as a New York bagel, hot from the oven with a schmear of cream cheese. Especially if it’s an everything bagel that your mother brings on the mornings she watches your kid. Or when you buy them piping hot after your Saturday spin class or Sunday mass. (Can you see where I am going with this? Until a few weeks ago I ate a lot of bagels.)

I figured out the fat/bagel connection by accident. I was toasting a Trader Joe’s bagel for my little one. They are pretty tiny, and yet when I looked at the calorie count I was surprised to see that they pack a big punch. One tiny TJ’s bagel is 100 calories. I started to do the math. My warm, yummy bagel store bagels, which are easily five to seven times larger, have GOT to be 500 or so calories if not more. (Another blog says the range for a New York bagel is actually 400 to 800 calories.) And that’s before you add a spread — cream cheese, butter, homemade chicken salad.

After this realization I decided to test my theory: that bagels are the reason I have a little muffin top. I cut out all bagels. It was HARD. VERY hard. I skipped the bagels when my mom brought them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We went home and had breakfast after the gym on Saturdays. I bought bagels on Sunday (can’t punish the kids for my slow metabolism!), but I abstained. And then something interesting happened. I lost two pounds in two weeks. I didn’t really change anything else, so I am almost positive that my theory is correct. The bagels are bulking me up.

I think the lesson here is everything in moderation. I am not giving up bagels completely. However, I think that one a week is a better option for me — at least if I want to keep my waist muffin top-less.

This post is how I am participating this week in Real Food Wednesdays and Fight Back Fridays — two awesome campaigns to get people eating real food again.

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  1. Hahaha! This article is hilarious. Bagels are so stinking good. I actually just wrote a post on my blog about avoiding diets and choosing moderation instead. Enjoy a bagel, but not all the time. Congrats on the 2 lbs!

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