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Readers will remember that I temporarily left Facebook at the beginning of this month. At the time, quite honestly, I wondered how I would fare. As someone who works from a home office Facebook was my water cooler. It was my link to the world. I figured I would missing hearing all about what my 398 friends were up to. I also thought that I would miss having access to Bejeweled Blitz — especially during long conference calls. And what about all the great news I got from the pages and organizations I “like?” How would I keep abreast of the latest and greatest?

Well, it’s been three weeks, and yes, sometimes I miss having instant access to my good friends even though I email, text, and see them regularly IRL (in real life). I miss hearing from my writer friends, who are flung all over the country. I miss chatting and DMing the high school friends I reconnected with; Those who live close by, and those who are all over the world. I miss my private online writers’ group, and the great writerly and friendly discussions we have. I miss staying in touch with my cousins and other relatives. And I definitely miss some of the better organization and blog pages, which are usually packed with great articles, links, and commentary. What I don’t miss: Having to see and hear about people who aren’t my friends and really never were. And you know what? That trumps ALL the stuff I do miss.

So…will I go back? Right now, I am in no rush. I am still playing crazy catch-up at work while trying to settle my kids into a fall routine. No, I’m not ready to delete my account completely, but I’m certainly thinking about it. (And in the meantime, I’ve got my husband updating this blog’s Facebook page. Check it out by liking it to the right.) So what will happen? Let’s see what October brings…

Are you on Facebook? If so, how often do you check in? What’s the biggest positive? The biggest negative? I’d like to know.

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