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Going Goal-less in 2011

We were driving back from the city last night (saw Rock of Ages on Broadway — WHAT an amazing show!) when talk turned to goals. Well, my talk turned to goals. What did my husband want to accomplish this year? Me, I want to finally write my book. I want to take up Pilates Reformer classes again. I want to re-learn Spanish.

At first my husband said he didn’t want to talk about it. Then he said he had no goals for 2011. When pressed again (I am annoying sometimes) he said he had one goal for the rest of his life: “I don’t want a bigger boat or a better job or even more money. I want to to wake up every day and find that everyone in my life is happy,” he said. What a sweet goal, and Reason 1,405,305,500 why I love him.

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