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Food: Keep On Trying

Big Girl, as I have mentioned before, is a great eater. She will try anything. She likes most of what she tries. Little Girl is not her sister. Yes, she eats broccoli and sweet potatoes. She loves hummus. But she’s not one to just jump at the chance to try kale, for example. This week, however, we had what I call a burst — a change in behavior for the better.

Little Girl is tasting stuff without coercion. I don’t know what to attribute it to. Is she trying to follow her sister’s lead? Is she getting curious about what things taste like? Is she really hungry? Who knows. The point is, after two years of offering her new things, she’s finally receptive.

This makes things SO much easier for me. I used to get so frustrated when Little Girl would clamp her mouth shut when I offered her tastes of whatever I was eating. I wondered how I could have two kids that are so different. But now, finally, Little Girl is willing to taste nearly anything. No, I won’t say she likes everything she eats, but it’s nice, as it was last night, when she’ll try balsamic grilled turkey with orzo. (She loved the turkey and hated the orzo!)

The point of this blog: Keep trying. Whether you have a reluctant spouse, fussy baby, or headstrong toddler, it is possible to get your family member to try new things. The key is not to give up.

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