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Can't wait to go see this with the kids next month.

Let me start by saying this week has largely sucked. I have been so busy that I have that deer in the headlights feeling from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.

My mom is mad at me for something that happened last weekend. Not ready to write about that yet. I spent two hours at the accountant’s office doing my taxes on Tuesday night. Yesterday, I missed out on going to a lovely shopping and dinner trip with three good friends because my sitter informed me that she had to leave at 6 p.m. My house is messy. My kids are unwashed. Heck, I haven’t even showered yet today, and I’ve made several public appearances at my little one’s school, the public library, and two stores. My day will not stop for a long time. We’ve got a Brownie event from 7 until 9. I am having people over tonight at 8:30. (Way to double-book!) I just want to crawl into bed for a nap, but I have three stories to finish editing, a column to write, and two feature stories to write. Poor me, right? What a complainer.

Anyway, I thought it would be a wonderful time, since I am so busy and negative, to write about things that I like. Positive things. Uplifting things. Things that you, the reader, might be interested in. So here goes.

Live performances rock. Last weekend we got to go see a performance of Pinkalicious the Musical put on by the Vital Theater Company in New York City. I will have an official review coming up soon, but I will say now that it was a wonderful, beautiful, magical day for me, my husband, and my kids. I’m going to see another show in May — Max & Ruby Bunny Party, at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. THESE are the moments in my life that actually matter. I know that. They are the things that the kids will remember. Although we went and saw Pinkalicious on Sunday, the kids have been singing songs from the soundtrack (had to buy the CD!), all week. It’s a pretty nice feeling.

Buy a Tea, Plant a Tree: The folks at Honest Tea are partnering with the National Forest Foundation in a promotion that could add 50,000 trees to the landscape. Called “Bag to Tree,” the program will reward people who buy four or more bottles of Honest Tea with a reusable bag and a shopping code that can be used to direct a planting. You can pick from one of four regions to plant your tree, and the best part is that Honest Tea doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives, or other crap. Plus, I love the fact that they use a natural decaffeination process that doesn’t use ethyl acetate, a chemical solvent.

Another manufacturer steps up to the plate. So it’s no secret that I hate high fructose corn syrup. We don’t have any of it in my house except for one source: A bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s that my husband REFUSES to get rid of. (Me and the kids eat real, organic maple syrup on our pancakes and waffles.) Anyway, I nearly fell on the floor when the folks over at Pinnacle Foods (the people behind Log Cabin Syrup) sent me a press release this week touting the fact that they eliminated high fructose corn syrup in their breakfast syrup, replacing it with real sugar. They also got rid of artificial caramel coloring. Wow. For me, this is just another reinforcement of the power of the consumer. One by one manufacturers are realizing that they will sell more products if they listen to many of us who are asking for healthier options. My next task: Seeing if my husband will swap his Mrs. Butterworth’s for Log Cabin since he doesn’t like real maple syrup. (I agree. That’s weird!) We shall see…

BornFree adds a recycling program. I used glass bottles with both of my girls, but some people don’t feel comfortable going this route, instead opting for plastic. BornFree last week announced a new recycling program in which the company will take back used bottles and recycle them into toys or furniture. I love companies that take a cradle to grave approach. Instead of just selling their stuff and forgetting about it, BornFree is doing something to make sure the company isn’t contributing to our waste problem. Very nice. I just wonder if moms will take the initiative to recycle the bottles?

Clowns are cool. Wanna be one? I got another press release this week. It was for a free giveaway of Juggle Fit Beginner’s DVD. Basically, this DVD is “a fun and effective exercise routine that promotes coordination, concentration, and fitness through instructional juggling DVDs.” Wow. I am not coordinated, but maybe someone out there is? Interested in winning the DVD? Post your name below with a comment about your favorite “clowning around moment.” I’ll choose a winner on May 1 as long as we get ten responses. Me? My most recent moment was when Little Girl decided she was going to chase me around the house and fart on my leg. Talk about juggling…

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Believe it or not, my headache is actually lessening by just sitting here and writing this all out. Thanks for providing an outlet to my stress…

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