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While I admire Little Girl’s spirit, it also makes me scratch my head sometimes. Here is a list of wacky, maddening things she’s done over the past year.

  1. Drew on the bathroom wall with deodorant. Big, round circles, which have yet to fade even with lots of washing and scrubbing.
  2. Stuck Big Girl’s DS stylus up her nose. How did I find out? “Mommy, I put this up and it hurt.” You think?!?
  3. Hid so silently that I thought she escaped the house, causing me to gain at least five to ten gray hairs. (This was during a game of sanctioned hide-and-seek, BTW.)
  4. Leaped out of her crib — the very first time, I might add — breaking her collar bone. What, you’re a new reader and you don’t remember that saga? Have a read.
  5. Swiped her Daddy’s credit card right out of his wallet. We found it a few days later in a random playroom bag.
  6. Tried to jump into the pool while at Disney World. We’re all walking together. The water looked warm, I guess, so she ran away from us full-speed at the pool. We stopped her just as she was putting her foot over to jump in.
  7. Ate Play-Doh. Yes, I know a lot of kids do this, but it was still gross.
  8. Colored ALL over my hallway with big, swooping circles of crayons.
  9. Stole my keys and hid them in the playroom, causing a huge ruckus. (This happened today!) Sigh.

The part that’s difficult is that all of these infractions happened when I was with her (except for the crayon thing.) She was RIGHT there, and then boom, she was off two seconds later doing something wacky. I could only imagine how much trouble she would get into if I didn’t helicopter parent that little girl.

We had it much, much easier with Big Girl who, in her seven years, has only done two crazy things. The first: One day when she was about two or so I went into to take her out from her nap, and found she had loosened the screw from the crib (!!!), and had it in her mouth. She couldn’t answer me when I asked why she would do something like that.

The other was the day she got her gorgeous, very, very expensive big girl bed. I went in, again after a nap, and found she had taken her dry erase board marker and scribbled all over the headboard. It came off, but it was puzzling nonetheless.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. Me, I am nursing my voice, which is threatening to go away completely. Think good thoughts that it doesn’t because I have a heck of a lot of interviews to do this week.

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