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Be a Friend to Make a Friend

Today is a snow day here in New York. Hubby got up and, because he takes a train to work, was able to go off to the city. Me? I was at home with both kids. No babysitters in sight.

We did a bunch of stuff to keep busy and have fun. I had Big Girl put on a piano recital for us. We ate breakfast. We played on the computer. We played a board game (my new favorite, Discovery Garden Game by The Wonder Forge. We connected via Ooovoo.com with my sister and her son, who is good friends with my kids. That killed a few hours, but Big Girl got bored. She thought we should go outside. Okay, I thought. Let’s do it. We got all dressed up in our snow pants, hats, gloves, snow boots, and warm socks and headed out.

There are no kids on our block so we decided to walk around the corner to see if anyone was out. (TONS of kids around the corner.) Nope, no one was out. Then the husband of my former Daisy troop co-leader drove by. He stopped and said hi. I asked if his kids were out. Yes, he told me, his wife had his kids outside building a fort. So, despite the fact that I didn’t call ahead of time and wasn’t invited, I made an executive decision. I walked over to say hello.

When we rounded the corner I saw my former co-leader out there with her two girls — both really sweet kids. Big Girl, who takes the bus with them, was thrilled. She jumped right in and started playing. Me? I grabbed a shovel and started shoveling and chatting. Then the nice woman who lives next door to my former co-leader came out, too bringing her little girl outside to join in the festivities. Nothing exciting happened, but it was comfortable and relaxing. I really enjoyed chatting with everyone and watching the kids play.

Around 2:30 I realized that the baby needed to go down for a nap so I tried rounding up Big Girl. My former co-leader said that the kids were having fun so I should leave her. That she would walk Big Girl home when they decided to go in. And like that Big Girl got an extended playdate. (And I got to carry a screaming and crying two-year-old for three blocks in the snow. “I WANT MY SISTER! MY SISTER HAS TO COME HOME!!! Sheesh.)

Anyway, I realized once I de-stressed from the walk home that I really don’t do that enough — put myself into uncontrolled social situations. But I should. If I would have hesitated, I would have made all of us miss out on a nice afternoon. So what that I wasn’t showered, didn’t have any make-up on, and didn’t call ahead? There should be no rules on a snow day. Hope we get another one really soon!

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