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We went to a Game Night friend‘s house for a barbecue tonight. Seven adults (one was working) and eight kids. The four big kids played from 4 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. At one point I grabbed my big girl and gave her a hug. As soon as I touched her I was brought back to my own childhood.

She was clammy and grimy and grainy. A mixture of dirt and sweat and grass and humidity that you can only build up over a long day with friends. The kids had played chase, climbed stuff, spent time on the swings, rode their bikes, eaten candy and ice cream and slid down slides. I smiled at her as I remembered all the summer nights I ended up looking and feeling the way she looked and felt, but then I told her the first thing she was going to do when we got home was take a shower. Could it wait until tomorrow, she wanted to know? Nope, I told her. She needed a shower and it was happening tonight.

We left soon after giving our friends with hugs and kisses. (And I’m not a huggy or kissy person but I make exceptions for this group.) We all agreed we had a great time. The kids, especially had a truly, truly amazing time. How do I know that? I’ll tell you. In the car we asked my big girl what her favorite part of the day was — the bike riding, the ice cream sundaes, the show they put on? Her answer: “The best part of today was seeing all my friends.” And the best part of my day? Hearing my daughter say that.

Can’t believe the long weekend is almost over. What are you up to?

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