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May. 31 days. 31 blog posts. While I love this blog and I love writing, I am glad that this marks the end of the WordCount Blogathon 2010. While I often blog on the weekend, I usually feel okay skipping a day. The Blogathon made that impossible.

It was a fun exercise, though. I found a ton of smart, well-written blogs along the way. I got to guest post — and let someone else guest post here. I wrote several haiku poems! I made an effort to write shorter. (I know, I know, I didn’t succeed on that one, but at least I tried!) My favorite posts were probably the ones I wrote late Saturday nights and as always, my environmental ones.

June will bring big changes here. My husband is consulting in the city. That’s going to be a huge change. We also found out he will need another operation. (I’m not even going there right now — I a m still processing it.) My big girl will become a second grader. My little girl turns two! And me? I’m just sitting here trying to hold it all together. As long-time readers know: I am not a fan of change. Or especially good at handling it. This coming month will explore all that, I am sure. I’ve got to figure out if the girls are going to camp. (Big girl always goes. Is Little girl old enough? I’m not sure.) I’ve got to let other people help me with the kids. My mother-in-law comes today to watch Little Girl. I’ve got to take over everything in the house — dinner, homework, both bedtimes. I’ve got to figure out how I am going to get to a 7 p.m. spin class when my husband doesn’t get off the train until 7:08. Uggg. I know this sounds trivial, but the gym is my medication. I need it to stay sane. I guess we’ll see what happens. At the very least you’ll get to read about it all. I’m sure it will make for great blog fodder. Too bad Blogathon wasn’t in June!

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one.

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