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Those of you who watch NBC’s The Biggest Loser are very familiar with Melissa, voted out on Tuesday night’s show. For those who aren’t: She’s one half of the reviled red team. She and her husband were game on from the moment the show started. The Internet was abuzz about how “evil” she was, this woman that the Los Angeles Times dubbed this season’s “villainess.” Heck, EOnline even launched a poll to figure out just how evil — on a scale of one to Darth Vader — she is. About 4 out of ten think she is “a pants-on-fire liar.”

She got this reputation from her game play. She, if you believe the editing, threw several weigh-ins when she was lucky enough to get immunity. If you have immunity you can’t be voted off and your weight loss doesn’t count so you can drink water to add pounds, which will miraculously come off the next week. When your weight loss does count. This past Tuesday even her game play couldn’t help her, though. She didn’t lose enough weight and sank beneath the yellow line. Even if she had made her goal, she would have had a hard time since she was saddled with a one pound penalty from a challenge. All the other players helped each other so she would come in last place. That’s how much she was hated!

I’ve hated her, too. I actually leaped out of my seat and cheered the first time she was voted off. (She got to come back through a twist, which was designed, I think, to bring a little controversy back on the show.) Tonight, however, I didn’t cheer or leap. I felt sorry for her. As I sat watching the contestants weight in they all said the same thing: They were in it to the end. They wanted to win. Not really any different from what Melissa wanted, I’d say. She just had the audacity to use any and all of the tools in her arsenal to get what she wanted. She was a competitive woman, something that scares some, angers others. I actually wonder how she would have been received had she been a man. Would the Interest buzz have been as loud? Would the insults have been so blatant?

I went to a mommy blogger event today. It was really interesting. A room full of powerful, smart women. (Including the really personable, really lovely PR people from Sears Holding Corp., the parent company of KMart.) It made me think. Why is it that there are so fewer Daddy bloggers out there? And why does the term “Mommy blogger” have a derogatory feel to it? Is related to the reason that Melissa has been dubbed a devil? Say what you want about her but she knew how to play the game. She was competitive. She knew what she wanted. She tried to get it. Granted, not every mommy blogger wants success. Some simply want to share information or use their blogs as a sounding board. But the others? The ones like me? Are we being dumbed down by the media simply because we’re making our own success outside the traditional confines of the publishing world? Are we being Melissa-fied, and if so does it even matter?

What’s your take on the whole “mommy” blogger debate? And just as important: Who do you want to see win The Biggest Loser? Me? I’m pulling for Sunshine.

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