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What Do I Do with Rhubarb?

My first CSA came yesterday. A huge box literally brimming with veggies and berries. I got two huge heads of Boston lettuce, an equally huge head of red leaf lettuce, a pint of strawberries, a huge bunch of spinach, a bag of arugula, French breakfast radishes, baby Japanese salad turnips and about ten or so stalks of rhubarb.

We had an amazing salad tonight. I also gave away two heads of lettuce. We’re never going to eat three giant — and I do mean giant — heads of lettuce plus a bag of arugula over the course of the week. The berries are already gone. The girls love them. I’ll be steaming my spinach tonight. Nothing like fresh spinach! But I am at a loss as to what do do with the radishes, turnips and rhubarb.

I don’t really like radishes. To quote my big girl: “They are too spicy!” As for the turnips: If they were regular turnips I would have made them for dinner right away. Nothing like yummy smashed turnips with a little butter, milk and pepper. But salad turnips aren’t the same thing at all. They are supposed to be eaten raw. I did find an interesting recipe circa 1995 from The New York Times. It calls for sauteing the turnips in butter, sugar and orange juice. I think I am going to try it. But that leaves the rhubarb.

There are more than 160 rhubarb recipes on AllRecipes.com. They all pretty much require baking. Pies, cakes, muffins. They all sound great, but when do I have time to bake? And so I am torn. Do I offer them up on Freecycle or do I try and find the time — and the ingredients — to bake? I’m leaning toward baking so I need some advice: Give me your best rhubarb recipe. I’ll test out a few over the coming weeks (we get rhubarb in the box for the remainder of June if I remember correctly) and pick a winner.

Have any suggestions for next week’s harvest? Last year we got Toscano kale and garlic scapes, among other things. I really wanted to do something wonderful with the scapes. They just smelled so good!

7 Responses to “What Do I Do with Rhubarb?”

  1. MarthaAndMe says:

    My kids like stewed rhubarb. You just cut it up, cover it with water and dump in as much sugar as you want and a pinch of salt. Cook until soft and reduced. You can freeze this also.

  2. Alexandra says:

    I am so jealous of your CSA bounty. Actually, the French eat radishes with butter and bread. They don’t taste so spicy that way.

    MarthaAndMe beat me to it but I stew rhubarb, too. Rhubarb is good for you. I simply peel it, cut it up, cover with water and add brown sugar. If you want to get away from the rhubarb taste, add some strawberries. Serve with ice cream to be decadent. Mmmm. I cannot wait for it to rain here so my rhubarb will grow some edible shoots!

  3. We like pickled radishes (lactofermented) – it takes the spiciness out as well and they’re so pretty and pink!

  4. themombshell says:

    Make rhubarb pie of course! I am loving your site and drooling over all the veggie yumminess you have right now!

  5. Besides the rhubarb sauce this week, I posted recipes last week for rhubarb cake and rhubarb bread that I really like.


  6. Anna says:

    I just made this this past week: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Crispy-Rhubarb-Pie/Detail.aspx It was amazingly quick and simply delish! Not quite whole foods though 🙂 You can freeze rhubarb nicely for later use. I used this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Rhubarb-Cherry-Crisp/Detail.aspx when I had company over a couple of months ago with frozen rhubarb, it got rave reviews. My mom also makes rhubarb juice alot. Just cut the rhubarb, throw some boiling water over it and let it sit overnight. You can add sprite or 7-up when you mix it, or just plain ole sugar. I’m not giving you many healthy options… but you can just grab a bowl of sugar a stalk and dip and eat… yummy I love rhubarb!

  7. I have huge rhubarb plants in my garden. I cut the stalks, then dice them and freeze bags of diced rhubarb for pies, crumbles, coffee cakes later in the year. But the best way to use it (for me) is to make strawberry-rhubarb jam. It’s the kid’s favorite, and soooo delicious! Good luck with your CSA boxes! My garden is fairing well..although I’ve had quite a few casualties already. The CSA is sounding better and better for next year!

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